Private transportation: Cars, motorcycles, marine power products and bicycles manufactures
C.S.M. is Europe's leading motorcycle research company and is also regularly active in the automobile industry. C.S.M. conducts more than 50 private transportation studies annually for a wide range of Asian, European and American clients.
Socio-cultural: Values, lifestyles, social trends, passions insights and opportunities
Socio-cultural research is conducted on European youngsters, young adults and adults for manufacturers of a wide variety of productions and services. For this type of research, C.S.M. links up with internationally reputed sociologists.
Tourism: Airlines, hotels and tour operators
C.S.M.'s tourism research is closely linked to image and customer satisfaction surveys. The company regularly conducts research on the subjects of incoming and outgoing tourism as well as incentive and congress tourism.

Trade shows: First impressions on new products, competitors and image studies

Trade shows represent an excellent opportunity to test customer reaction on new products as well as to profile consumer groups and test for product image. C.S.M. offers omnibus at many major international shows.
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