In today's fast moving world, success depends more than ever on a sensitive response to the precise customer needs in
  specific market sectors. C.S.M.'s mission is to provide the clients with knowledge and understanding of customers'
  functional and emotional needs. We employ state of the art marketing research know-how and technology to achieve
  this objective and thereby provide our clients with real competitive advantage.
  • C.S.M. was founded in 1991
  • All of C.S.M. consultants have several years experience in international projects
  • All of C.S.M. consultants speak fluently at least three languages, to assure a fully understand and better
    analysis of the results
   As demand for the company's services grew rapidly across Europe and America, C.S.M. responded by establishing a    network of subsidiaries:
   C.S.M. Deutschland GmbH,
   C.S.M. France and s.a.r.l. and
   C.S.M. North America Inc.

   This network ensured C.S.M. quality standards - capabilities are internationally.

  • In all our projects we focus in understanding not only the functional aspects but we also look in-depth to the emotional areas
  • With our approach we allow our clients to develop winning strategies with a full knowledge of the market situations and key factors
  • Here in C.S.M. we believe that with our philosophy we help our clients to produce creative strategies saving time and money
  • face to face in-depth interviews
  • focus groups
  • home visits
  • central location clinic test
  • creative brain storming
  • phone interviews
  • internet research
  • desk research
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