C.S.M. International, established in 1991 in Milan, Italy, has evolved into a leading automotive market research company, particularly renowned for its expertise in motorcycle marketing research. With a rich history that began with founders Daniel Simon and Maria Fassi, the company expanded its leadership team with the addition of Alberto Cinicola, who became a partner a few years later. This trio of pioneers established C.S.M. as a frontrunner in the niche of motorcycle marketing research, leveraging their passion and expertise to guide the company’s direction and growth.

Over the years, C.S.M. International has transitioned its headquarters from Milan to Düsseldorf, Germany, under the leadership of co-founder Daniel Simon, now Managing Director of C.S.M. Germany GmbH. This move marked a significant step in the company’s expansion and its efforts to solidify its position on the global stage. With more than 30 years of experience in conducting worldwide research, C.S.M. has built an excellent network of local partners, offering comprehensive insights across Europe, the USA, South America, and Southeast Asia. Alberto’s presence in Thailand to oversee projects personally underscores the company’s commitment to global expertise and local insights.

C.S.M.’s service offerings are extensive and tailored to meet the diverse needs of the automotive sector, including motorcycles, electrical vehicles, marine, bicycle, and even FMCG. Despite broadening its research scope, the company maintains a core focus on motorcycle marketing research, collaborating with major motorcycle and scooter manufacturers as well as various motorcycle accessory companies. Its involvement in motorsports, including providing surveys to the organizer and rights holder of the official Motorcycle World Championships, showcases C.S.M.’s deep engagement with the industry.

As Europe’s leading agency for International motorcycle market research surveys, C.S.M.’s adherence to the standards established in the ICC/ESOMAR International Code highlights its commitment to quality, reliability, and ethical research practices. The company’s methodologies include a mix of qualitative and quantitative techniques, such as in-depth interviews, focus groups, home visits, product testing, creative brainstorming, online surveys, and field research methodology tailored to client requests. This comprehensive approach ensures a unique blend of data-driven insights and human perspectives, critical for understanding market dynamics and consumer preferences.

C.S.M.’s dedication to innovation, quality, and client satisfaction, coupled with its extensive experience and linguistic versatility, positions it as a top automotive market research company. Its ability to recruit participants from nearly any country and conduct research in multiple languages further enhances its capability to deliver valuable market insights on a global scale​